The House O'Links

Hell, everbody's got one. A links page, that is. Some people get their web-site, write some links cos it's easy to do, then never get any further. But I've saved mine a while 'cos I've been far too busy with the rest of the site (plus other distractions like work, sleep and alcohol). But fear not, by the miracle of HTML, the House O'Hits is now connected to the outside world so if you're all done here, you can choose an equally classy place to go. It can only get bigger and better so come back soon!

Available on other pages: J Church and Helen Love links.


Chainsaw Kittens
Chopper, Wakefield's finest product (except me)
China Drum
Dagobah home page - the finest pop-punk band in Britain! (is that OK, Tony?)
Hanoi Rocks
The late, lamented Jawbox
Kenickie, or better, Kenickie Fried Chicken (geddit?!)
The almighty Manic Street Preachers
One Car Pile-Up, a hardcore band including ex-members of the superb Gan (whaddya mean, 'Who?')
Sense Field - I'd be doing a site about them if someone hadn't beaten me to it. If anyone knows of a page for their side-project, Whirlpool, I'd love to know about it.
Sepultura - one of the best music sites on the web (featuring contributions from yours truly)
Snuff and an unofficial site
Tiger Trap and a band that rose from their ashes, Go Sailor


Amphetamine Reptile
Crackle! records, including an excellent distro
Damaged Goods - Helen Love, J Church, Reverse and many more
Household Name - London-based DIY crew. They don't like J Church much at the moment
K Records
Southern Studios - home of Scrawl, the Lee Harvey Oswald Band and similar underground noisy types
Vinyl Japan

Other soundz-related

FreeStyle Index - superb British hardcore site, including an extensive gig guide
The North-Western Star, a British hardcore fan's home page
Germ Warfare e-zine
Stokage e-zine
War Against the Idiots e-zine
Cool Beans 'zine - some really good off-beat interviews and stories from San Francisco cabbies
New Musical Express
Who Drank My Milk e-zine


Speedo's Army - a guide to Minnesota's best bands, pages on Dillinger Four and Man Afraid and much more
Drue Albeit: Food Not Bombs and Virginia Hardcore band Jiceras
Nihilistic Spice - she really hates Marilyn Manson, which is A Very Good Thing

Links 2 links

World Wide Punk World Wide Punk. The name says it all. The biggest net-guide to punk and hardcore.
House Of The Rising Punk - bands, labels and more
The Complete British Indie Index
The Wonderwall - an index of British and Irish rock and indie bands


Bert Is Evil! - Bert from Sesame Street meets Charles Manson, Hitler and others
The Cruel Site Of The Day
Dilbert - read this for a few weeks and ask yourself "is Scott Adams in MY office?" Private Eye - political satire
Viz comic - knob and fart gags, which leads nicely on to...
...Stupid penis tricks - this woman clearly has too much time on her hands!
The Sweeney - shut it!


MAME emulator - turn your PC into an old arcade machine
The Times Crossword - not for the faint-hearted
e-John Bunyan - try it and see!
Anyone know what happened to the Virtual Ferret Racing page?

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